Casino Party Fundraising Guide


We host one fundraiser per quarter, with our Casino Night fundraiser being the most anticipated. It is the biggest event we host and by far the most successful and fun!

Funtastic Events is absolutely the best company to work with when it comes to hosting Casino Night events!

When you want to host an event with a Casino theme party costumes are going to be some of your “must-have” items. Choose your costume and accessories carefully and you can be the center of attention with an outfit that allows your fun-loving personality to

What better way to totally get into character and immerse yourself in a fantastic party than by dressing in a costume that embraces the theme. In this case it is all about casinos, a fast-paced lifestyle and some serious attitude.

Now you only have to decide what costume is going to make you a standout at those upcoming parties.

What do you think about when you hear the term “Casino Party”?  Most people think of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and other well-known gambling capitals. Perhaps you let your imagination take you back to the 1920, when flappers in fringed, sparkly outfits and tough mobsters ruled everything from the local speak-easy to the hottest Chicago nightclubs.

costume theme partyEven the movies celebrate the Adrenalin rush that often fuels the casino industry. Where would James Bond be without the action and excitement that takes place in-and-around the world‚ as in most exclusive gambling establishments? The character of 007 is the epitome of a well-heeled casino customer in the eyes of millions of movie fans.

You can always rent a costume that celebrates James Bond or dress up as one of the lovely Bond Women. There are also a number of Bond movie villains that you can use as inspiration if you prefer to create a homemade party costume.

Casino theme parties offer you the chance to go with a literal interpretation of the theme such as a pit boss, blackjack dealer or play it up as a wealthy trust fund baby  There are dozens of different costume possibilities that you could consider.

Perhaps you will want to rent an elaborate costume that delivers the ideal look for the character you want to portray. Of course you could also purchase a complete outfit at an online costume supply company or make your own Casino party theme costumes Georgia costume partyat home and give each one a unique twist.

With a homemade outfit you will only be limited by your own imagination. Create a fantasy costume or simply go for a realistic look that delivers lots of drama. Raid your closets and drawers for materials, shoes, coats and discarded clothing that you can re-invent into a sizzling casino themed outfit that is fiercely unique. You still might want to buy some accessories to give your DIY outfit a little extra glitz and realism. It’s all in your hands, and you are holding all the cards. The main thing to remember is to have fun and always place your money on a costume that makes you smile.



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