Casino Party Fundraising Guide


We host one fundraiser per quarter, with our Casino Night fundraiser being the most anticipated. It is the biggest event we host and by far the most successful and fun!

Funtastic Events is absolutely the best company to work with when it comes to hosting Casino Night events!

Georgia has many choices when you decide to have a casino party. Here’s some things to consider when choosing a casino party company in Georgia.

When deciding on a casino party vendor in Georgia be sure to choose a vendor that has been around awhile, at least 5 years. Manycasino party georgia new casino party companies don’t have the experience to run a successful event, especially one a large event or a fundraiser.

Book directly with the casino rental vendor, not a middleman or agent a000 miles away. You’ll save up to 65% on middle-man costs. When you see a toll-free number, the company is usually not in Georgia and they’re usually an agent.

Most reputable casino companies are members of NACPO, the National Association of Casino Party Operators. They are the ones that maintain industry standards.

Ask to see pictures of the equipment and if you may attend one of their casino party events. Most casino rental companies are happy to oblige. Some agents play the bait-and-switch game, and post stock photos on their website, so make sure you’re getting actual casino tables, not just table-toppers. I’ve seen this many times.

Most casino table providers offer three options:

  • Full Service
  • Fundraising Option
  • Table Rental Only

A Full Service Casino Party is where the casino rental company does all the work and you enjoy the benefits of a successful event.

georgia Casino dealers The second option is usually a Fundraising Option where the casino rental company provides a Pit Boss and one or two Casino Dealers and you supply volunteers to deal at the other tables. You will save the cost of labor on this option. It is very popular with charity events.

The third option is Table Rental Only, which is usually reserved for smaller events with just a couple of tables. With this option you choose which tables you would like to rent and may pick them up or have them delivered. All the supplies, including play money is included.

Good luck and have a funtastic casino party!

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